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Welcome to Buffy Waters by Pontoon Girl®

It's great to have you here.  Boating is such a fantastic hobby. You can spend a day with family and friends, create memories and wear cute clothes.  It's a new world of fashion and accessories... in addition to that memory thing.

When most people start their love of boating it's the result of one day on the water.  They either invited on a friend's boat or they decided to rent a boat.  Often this happens on vacation... then they get home and think of all the fun times they had on the waters and they start searching for a boat.

I've got links to lots of boating videos for beginners on the side bar... check them out.  We'd love to see you on the waters soon!

A new way to jump into boating is to join a boat club.  Think of it like a time share.  You pay one rate and have access to a fleet of boats.  It's all of the fun and a great way to get used to the types of boats.  You should check one out... lots of family memories to be made in a summer of boating.

When you're ready to buy a boat there's a great tool on the side bar called the boat selection tool... it helps narrow down the choices in boating.  That's another great resource.  Remember picking a boat is like picking shoes, they need to look great and be comfortable.

Lots of Love!

Pontoon Girl®